Dotz Par System: $35.00ea or $55.00 for a pair

Dotz Par Light Rental

A four-head LED lighting tree that’s great for small stages or bands performing in bars or restaurants. Designed for mobile wash lighting of stages, clubs, dance floors, or even church praise bands. The four fixtures can be individually controlled via DMX, set to music mode, or controlled using a wireless RF remote. Rental includes a stand as well as an interconnecting cable to link two trees together.

Consider adding a DMX controller for $35.00

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Go Bar RGB Wall Up-light: $25.00ea | $200 for Ten | $300 for Sixteen

Go Bar Light Rental

Battery-powered bar style fixture is great for placing against a wall to add customized color to any venue. These fixtures also work great to draw attention to décor items, or as a way to line a sidewalk or other event entryway. Includes multiple built in colors and programs, or can be set with individual Red, Green, and Blue values to match a particular color. These fixtures run for approximately 6 hours on a battery charge, making for a quick and easy set up. If you’d like to change the color throughout the event, we offer DMX controllers, cable packages, end even wireless sender and receivers for remote control.

  • Consider adding a DMX controller and cable package for $45.00
  • Consider adding Wireless DMX for $20.00 per receiver – great for jumping across the room or to another wall.
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Bistro Lights: $50.00/100’ | $25.00/45’

Bistro Light Rental

Transform your space with the addition of bistro lights which provide a warm glow and festive look. Our bistro lights are heavy duty design that is much more durable and dependable than the lightweight green wires available from the big-box stores. String these between trees or buildings for a great outdoor event. If your space offers installation challenges, give us a call. Our full-service installation team can help by providing free-standing structures for these lights.

  • Consider adding a Dimmer System to adjust the intensity of the fixtures for $65.00
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Atmospheric Effects

Haze Fog Machine Rental

Fog machines provide a big puff of simulated smoke, while haze machines supply a continuous light atmosphere to the event space. Both are used to enhance lighting by allowing the beams to be seen in the air. Or, use as a special effect for grand entrances, Halloween décor, or to add fun energy to your dance or party. Either effect includes a manual control or can be connected to a DMX control system.

  • Haze Machine with 1 gallon of fluid: $75.00
  • Fog Machine with 1 gallon of fluid: $75.00
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Interested in other lighting and special effect options? Contact us today to have a custom package created for you by one of our professional lighting and special effects experts.