Installation & Consulting

Live streaming is a way to broadcast your events to an online audience, allowing you to expand the reach of your valuable content. Whether it’s allowing remote employees to join in on a meeting, welcoming distant family members to attend a special occasion, or inviting additional parishioners in to your service, online broadcasting allows you to reach viewers who would not otherwise be able to attend your event. Live streaming for events has become an expectation for today’s technology-wielding viewers, and is great for a wide range of events like conferences, fashion shows, sporting events, and keynotes.

Broadcast, Synchronize and Record the Presenter

  • Broadcast and record live video together with the presentation in real-time
  • Multiple cameras capture the event, making for an enjoyable viewer experience
  • Feeds from presenter laptops or other materials switched live into the program
  • Live Closed Captioning available

Multiple Viewing and Delivery Options

  • Custom branded viewing site, or embed on your own website
  • Live or On-Demand Streaming
  • Upload recordings to YouTube
  • Recording delivered electronically on USB or via file sharing service

Production Services

  • Experienced production crew using the latest technology and equipment
  • Full service recordings and post editing capability
  • Hosting and streaming on redundant world-class CDN’s
  • Travel-friendly, both domestic and international

Capture, Stream and Record the Entire Presentation

  • PowerPoint, Keynote, or any other presentation program (including transitions, embedded videos and animations)
  • Video (full motion and HD)
  • Supports multi-camera shoots
  • Lower third titles

A Revenue Generator

  • Sell access to the live or archive online sessions in addition or as an alternative to your live tickets
  • Sponsorships incorporated in graphic ‘bugs’ or as full-screen acknowledgements
  • Insert advertiser videos or commercials

Our team of experienced multimedia technicians handles all of the technical details. From two cameras to many, we produce a live broadcast that incorporates multiple angles as well as all of your presentation materials, delivered as a cohesive, easy-to-watch broadcast for your audience.

Live Event Video Streaming Portfolio