Wedding Lighting

Lighting is like makeup for your venue. It’s the perfect way to highlight assets, hide imperfections, and minimize the need for expensive “plastic surgery” - aka décor rentals. Like makeup, a little can go a long way, starting with a foundation of broad washes of your wedding colors over the walls and spot-lighting special details like your wedding cake and centerpieces, to keep both you and your budget happy.

The Personal Effect

Every wedding is as unique as the Bride and Groom themselves. The themes, colors, and motifs you choose reflect your personality, culture, and relationship. The versatility of lighting and projection let you showcase your individuality as you celebrate your new life together. Themes, colors, patterns, and placement - all these elements combine to create a design that fits you and your vision for your special day.

Cafe Light Rental

GOBO Lighting and Projection Lighting

Wedding Gobo Light

For many couples, marriage means joining together in a family name. Show off your new monogram by having it custom-projected on the dance floor or a wall. We can match the fonts to your invitation or program keeping your signature style consistent from start to finish. A bright white gobo projection has simplicity and punch, or get fancy with full-color projection--even video!

Wedding Cake Projection

Your wedding cake can be a blank canvas for a plethora of different design possibilities. Still images, moving pictures, and a rainbow effect of fading colors are just a few of the hundreds of possibilities with our wedding cake projection package. Drifting leaves, budding blooms, or falling snow for seasonal weddings, animated scenes for quirky or specialized themes (steampunk, circus, masquerade, etc), or custom looks incorporating photos of the bride and groom themselves. With video projection mapping, the possibilities are endless. Our technology can transform a delicious cake with blank unadorned frosting, or tie in to your baker’s thematic design by adding a layer of specialized animation.

Bistro Lights

Wedding Bistro Lights

Strings of globe lights are the perfect way to accent your space with a warm glow and classic style. Draped between trees, fanning out to a building, or free-standing on our support towers, our bistro packages always include dimmers and control to set the perfect mood.

Pin Spots

When you hear “spot light” you might think of a bright white circle around a soloist onstage, but in a well-lit room, pin spots are tightly focused to make whatever they’re pointed at just seem to glow.Don’t let your creativity and planning become lost in the blur of simple and dull venue lighting. Make sure every detail stands out for your wedding cake, floral arrangements, and other design elements throughout your ceremony and reception.

Wedding Cake Pin Spot

Up Lighting

Wall Wash Wedding

The most basic element of a room-transforming lighting design, colored Up Lighting is a great way to light any room or venue. Simple lighting around the perimeter of a room creates a dramatic effect. It can transform a simple or plain venue into an amazing and memorable compliment to your theme and décor.